General Plans

I’ve got a lot of stuff to get worked out...

The marina - is a ‘fun’ story.  

Basically, no one but the owner seems to know anything about who’s next up for a slip, or basically, a whole lot of anything that’s helpful. I kind of get it, but as this is an Army Corps of Engineers built lake, and thus controlled by NC State Parks and Recreation - it’s a single marina that has lock-in, and I’m at least somewhat sure the marina is mostly family-run. We’ll keep at it, but sort of trustrating to always get voicemail.

Meanwhile, there are things I know I’ve got to get - and get sent to Kevin for the boat, and a hundred smaller things I want to cosnider or get, from the more immediate to the longer term or sanity items, like maintenance and owner manuals and the like.

The immediate needs

  • Rebuilt or new B3 lower - going to have to get one.

  • New HVAC unit.  The existing is 20 years old and seems unlikely to be worth trying to repair.

  • Sort of what I’ll be having Kevin do

    • End to end inspection

    • Impeller and tune-up

    • Anode kit + add prop anode

    • Replace slightly leaking trim manifold

  • Trailer checkout - grease bearings, check brakes, tires, etc.

And some mid-term things as well

  • Try to find online versions of all owner and maintenance manuals

  • Figure out any additional lines and fenders needed, if any

  • Figure out exactly how we’ll be cooking on the boat

  • Look into options for canvas and pricing

  • Sort out some of the other misc bits I know I’ll be wanting or needing

    • 12vDC fan(s?) for inside the boat

    • USB 12v socket adapters

    • LED replacement lights - likely

    • Various boat cleaners and bits

And of course - everything I don’t even know I need...

I went ahead and ordered a remanufactured Bravo 3/B3 lower from US Boatworks  as they were both generally well-regarded and I was able to reach them via phone before ordering.  Clearly not cleap at $3600, which includes a $600 core charge…but lookaing at the existing lower, I’m going to just assume I’m not going to bother sending that back, moreso as I don’t even have it here with me making ir difficult to ship….plus whatever labor I’ll be into it for.

The journey continues …