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This won’t replace the other sections on the site for detailed reviews, but is instead meant to be - the few top things in both businesses and gear I’m beyond thrilled with.  I am in no way being compensated for these endorsements - just companies I would gladly do business with again, or even look to start with them whenever possible.  


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Boat Mechanic

Kevin Scott - shop owner and boat mechanic in the Lake Norman, NC area (around Charlotte) with a shop on Catawba St.

Kevin was great to work with even before I devided to buy the boat.  He did a thorough job without doing things not needed, saved me $ from chasing endless black holes, and I can’t recommend enough.  Really nice guy as well.

Kevin R Scott
email: brad AT asap DASH - yes, this goes to Kevin..don’t ask.. ;)
Ph: 704-408-6653
Cornelius, NC  28031


Boat Brokers LKN - Justin, Owner

Justin’s a good guy, and he did us right. We weren’t purchasing anything near some of the higher-priced boats on his lot, but went out of his way to locate a trailer for us, kept a heater in the boat, and numerous small but significat things. He said something that really resonated with me - we try to treat all buyers the same, big or small, and I think he accomplshed that well.

Ph: 336-416-0193

Online Businesses

Amazon - I had actually boycotted them a long time ago due to the silliness of one-click software patenting, but let’s face it, Prime is a good deal in general and it’s nice to know that in stock means - in stock, and knowing when you’re going to get your items.  They don’t have everything in boat parts, but they generally have good or the best prices on what they do have.

Wholesale Marine - These guys are my backup to Amazon.  If Amazon doesn’t have it, I look to them or Fisheries, as they ship fast, and just ano hassle experience.  They don’t have everything as they do seem to select miscellaneous gear across several categories, but good prices and quick shipping.  They are basically tne polar opposite of West Marine, as the latter seems to have prices above retail and considers yo ua captove audience so pretty much - do Amazon or Wholesale Marine and let West Marine rot, IMO.


TBD - still hoping to find some that I really can’t do without. :)