My Luna X2 is here!

From order to delivery in under 2 weeks… 

No advance notice/call from FedEx as FedEx had claimed but instead got a call from the delivery driver, but - it’s here!

I had to meet the driver in our court, as we have a crazy curvy uphill driveway no big truck can make it into.  Thankfully the box looked to be undamaged for the most part - there was a small tear but seemed ok.  Carrying that box 1/8th of a mile or so and then into the house, well - that was ‘fun,’ but got it inside, pretty excited after I’d nearly given in to a new eMTB being a 6+ month long process whether ordering from parts or finding a bike to pre-order, but instead - received in under 2 weeks.  


Opening it up, it looked very well packed (vs for example, I bought a spare set of wheels from Eunorau and they looked like they were literally thrown into the box) - chain stays padded/wrapped, wheel and bars padded and ziptied, etc. My knife and scissors got a bit of a workout for a bit.. ;) Opening the box looked like it was really well packed..

Sadly, no free tookit, t-shirt or water bottle like the original X1 purchasers had received, but I’ve got plenty of tools, t-shirts and water bottles. )

A day riding near the lake
A day riding near the lake
A day riding near the lake


Taking it out of the box - everything is strapped together and padded. The battery is already in the bike, while you have one box of small parts including the pedal set and 'extras' from the Yari (2 bottomless tokens), SRAM G2 brake documentation, and some reflectors. The battery charger is in another box, while there's also a bag of black 'stickers' I originally thought was maybe frame protection but not sure quite what it is - 'touch-up' stickers?  (I later sorted they’re basically lightweight frame protection for places like where cables may rub on the frame.  I wound up using one initially underneath my top tube small phone/toolbag.)

I noticed after removing the strapped wheel there was a frame scuff. Not sure how honestly, as I'm not sure how it could really be packed any better other than perhaps double-boxed and 'slots' for the charger and small parts box in an insert, but there it was. Haven't tried to clean it up yet, and looks like nothing dug into the carbon fiber, thankfully. 

A day riding near the lake
A day riding near the lake

Assembly is a piece of cake.

Seems like cables may be longer than what I saw some X1 owners commenting on; plenty of slack to move display a bit. I dig the small display, its tucked and hidden, although I wouldn’t mind a bar graph for watts(you can set the small line to show power, plus of course phone app dashboard but I think will stay minimal except for riding plotted/mapped rides. Mounted the bars, and checked general torque for suspension and shock linkage, chainwheel bolts, etc. Most were indeed tight which is good - have it on list for weekend to do full round of remove/grease/loctite for piece of mind.

I put on my set of pedals and swapped the front rotor for a Hope 200mm red floating rotor. Note - two piece rotors may rub on the calipers or mounts and may require minor filing!

The M600 freewheel is like butter, basically zero resistance back-pedaling, etc. Lubed the front axle and torqued down. Aired up front fort to 110# for starters, 220# rear shock, set fork compression and rebound to middle of clicks on both for starters, bounced on the bike a bit then re-checked and aired back up to above numbers. Put the bike on the stand (I need to work on how to make this easier, much lighter than the BBHSD fat bike but not as nice to grab by seat post...), to check derailleur, loosened and adjusted calipers, aired tires for time being to ~24# F/R (they were at ~10PSI out of box, too low for a road run with tubes...), lubed chain. The derailleur was pretty dialed in as is..may fine-tune this weekend but all gears reachable and limits set to not come off on either side. Oh - thought I had a bum dropper at first, but suspect more like new components. Loosened seatpost clamp a bit and pulled on seat while hitting dropper lever and she popped up, adjusted height quickly (needs to come up another inch or two..tomorrow). Need to add some carbon assembly grease to the seat post - will do shortly.

The out-of-box control layout could use some help..

The dropper is set on the right, throttle on the left, and the shifter is pretty tight up against the brakes. The brakes (SRAM G2 R, some other X2 bikes come with (decent IMO) Hayes Dominion A4) seem to be 2 finger levers with minor adjustability and feel pretty good, but some overall adjustment of controls is needed.

I have a horizontal throttle coming and that may let me sort it, or may consider a Matchmaker type setup - TBD. The wheels seem to be true on quick check, maybe a couple of looser spokes but nothing drastic. Will check and tension in full on the weekend, and after the initial rides.

I'm unsure what I think of the seat - it's a WTB seat, narrowish MTB style 135mm Volt. Initial thought was that it will have to go, but will give it a few weeks and see. I plan to do a 20 mile shakeout this weekend across single track, doubletrack and a bit of road. I DO wish the bike had water bottle bosses...somewhere - not convinced you could fit a normal sized bottle with the geo, but could use it for a small toolkit mount were one there. There were some 'splotches' on the bike. I'm not positive how the bike is painted - is it CF then sand, spray matter, add LUNA and X-2 then clear-coated or? Initial thought was maybe the shock or something leaked a bit of fluid, but haven't done a full clean on the bike yet.

The battery and battery compartment - the cover has sides on it and it seems fairly tight. Not sure on X1 by comparison but there's a fair amount of aluminum up at the top of frame above the battery as well. Will take a deeper look this weekend. Battery is similar to my Samsung cell Eunorau batteries with the small handle - not sure the style name, will post dimensions and pics later. The charge socket is well 'hidden' on the non-drive-side on the frame right above the motor behind a black grommet - not gonna lie, it took me a bit to find. No LEDs on the battery or cover that I saw. What I did NOT see that I need to look again for, is a charge socket for charging the battery removed from the bike - may have missed it and will look again.

Finally - ready to ride - Santa brought presents this Xmas!

Luna X2 - ready to ride for Xmas!

Initial thoughts - Cons

Not much honestly - slightly bummed about the frame scuff.

The paint is…’ok’.  I’m expecting it to get dirty easily, but it is an eMTB after all.

Would have liked water bottle bosses.

That narrow seat looks like it might be painful (135mm WTB Volt).

Initial Thoughts - Positives

In the current market, both the value for $ is excellent, as I literally couldn’t have built the bike from parts for the price, and the overall components are decent.

No BS of ordering then waiting an unknown amount of time.  I can’t state enough how wonky the current market is, and how refreshing and awesome it is to go from order to receipt in under 2 weeks.

Assembly and other info resources

Seb at Luna has done a good FAQ set with videos
Ludi V2 controller documentation
X1 (prior model but lots of relevant info still) looong info thread

First ride impressions coming soon!