Iowa to NC: Trip Epilogue

In hindsight, I wish the trip had been longer

I met some interesting people on the trip and had some fun, but wish I'd have had more time along the way to just 'wander' a bit more, do a lot less highway, and stop off without feeling like there was a deadline or schedule that had to be met.

The Rally was fun, and I’ll likely be going again next year; no regrets there, although I'll definitely be staying for more than a night, won't be as road weary, and plan to head out a day or two early to get some riding in before the bulk of the rally traffic shows up, maybe some rafting as well.

Chicago seemed pretty cool, overall - would really have liked to have spent a few days there, and at least a full day in Kentucky, as well, if not longer. Indiana, well...sorry, I think Armpit, err, Gary, turned me off of that one.

It was interesting traveling by myself.  On non-solo trips, I think it tends to be about the ride, but also what we'd see and do, which isn't quite the same as's more about the people you meet, conversations with some random people along the way, as well as the thoughts and sights you have entirely to yourself. A bit difficult to explain perhaps, but there is a difference, and a not entirely unwelcome one.

I need to remind myself to fill the CamelBak every day, and was so very thankful I remembered to do it before the Hell day in KY… I probably need to just stop and get gas any time I hit half a tank, instead of pushing it like I tend to, and I need to replace that balding rear tire ASAP, and give the bike a solid once-over, and get some more ‘fun time’ on the bike (fewer highway miles), as she handles differently (both on throttle and braking), and feels lighter on the street vs the F650...

Back to work and amusing reactions

When I told a few friends and co-workers about the trip after making it back home, words like 'crazy' popped out a time or two, and I don't think they all really 'got it,' but, that's fine, too.

The weather was kinda stressful, and certainly had some 'surprises' along the way, but the stress was different, more 'immediate' than the usual stress at work or in life that's more ongoing, sometimes without resolution, that just eats at you over time.

On the road, it's more immediate and simple, and just 'nicer' somehow. You keep on, or you stop. You wait the weather out in an underpass, or a rest area, or keep going. Left or right, or go into compass mode and 'go that way.' Not rocket science, but better than the type of stress elsewhere, and sort of fun at the same time as well.

Me? I'm ready for another, just hopefully a longer one next time! :-)

Not a bad first ride on the new bike, at all..