Riding Costa Rica, Day 8: Heading back...

So, due to the joys of picture ordering and having dates and filenames shift around, this one may be a bit…fuzzy.  

One of the days there, we had stopped off to check out a coffee plantation, and I’m pretty sure, but not positive, it was coming back from Manuel Antonio.  Yeah, I really wish I had GSP coordinates either for the whole trip, or embedded within each picture...

SIgn in middle of nowhere..

The picture on the right isn’t the only truck we’d seen transporting cows, and on far worse roads, including some where the side of the road falls off a mountain.  Have to feel bad for these guys - all the cows we saw in general were undernourished, and honestly - don’t even make good steaks….. kind of felt bad for them. :(

SIgn in middle of nowhere..

The rest of the day

The coffee plantation visit was kind of interesting, as certainly not everywhere can make coffee.  I believe, but am not positive, some of the pics below are from the plantation.  We had tres leches at the plantation, which literally means ‘three milks.’  I’d had it before as I’d had a Honduran girlfriend for years, and will say - it’s an acquired tastes, and there is certainly both good, and not-so-good, tres leches - but you should try it at least once.  

We eventually made it back intact back to Atenas, and thankfully had time for one more dinner at ‘The Tree House’ - which I really wish I know the name of…but another ‘world’s biggest chicken breast’ with garlic, and just - yummy!

When we’d made it back and recapped the ‘day of adventure in the dirt,’ the rental bike owners were…kind of shocked.  I guess we rode somewhere ‘near the monkey trail’ and they said even their experienced riders don’t generally do that ride.  Ok, yeah - so I was feeling a bit better about that crapshow of a day, but not about letting myself run dry on the CamelBak…

With that, I’m going to call this trip a wrap, but will still recap in the trip Epilogue what I thought, what worked and what didn’t, etc.

Heading back with one more stop tomorrow..