Disclaimers, Copyrights and all that mess

People doing more than clicking a share link on social media put a lot of effort and time into their work, whether it be via media of different types or textual content.  Most images on this site, as well as the textual content, belongs to myself.  Rights are retained solely by myself on this content.  If you’d like to link to it, no problem - do so.  If you want to use an image for non-commercial use, do so as long as you provide a credit via linking back to the page on this site you borrowed the image from.  In the unlikely chance you want to use anythign on this site for commercial purposes - you do not have permission without my explicit consent.  Contact me.

Similarly, any content on the site not directly my own has come nearly exclusively from public domain or royalty-free images.  In the event an image was used from another site, credits and links are given or fall under Fair Use.  If you believe this site is using an image you have rights to and wish it removed, please contact me and we’ll go from there, most likley leading to a quick removal and replacement of said image or content.

In the event you are a bottom-feeder, much like patent trolls, trying to annoy individuals not generating revenue but wish to claim some image or content is yours or someone you represent, contact me with explicit proof and we’ll take it from there.  

In the event you are not a bottom-feeder trying to coerce honest people into paying some fee based on assets that are, or were published as royalty-free, and represent an individual artist - well, I find it unlikely that there is any content on this site infringing on those rights, but then apologies while scratching my head wondering how this has happened; but contact me  and we’ll get it sorted.

Lawyer royalty-free-pixabay-8-20-20
Royalty free image via Pixabay